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  1. Party Animal

Forget every other plain old rock band you know and jump aboard one of the most fun and newest themed bands destined to conquer the world. Gasparilla's music, arranged to be a Rock Opera tale, tells the story of infamous Pirate Gasparilla sailing the Gulf of Mexico!

The Band
Led by the NYC singer/songwriter Donny Stew, the band will unfold a tale of intrigue and amazing guitar licks as drummer RVZ keeps everyone clapping along. When asked about the band's style drummer RVZ said this, “we go from reggae to rock to metal to acoustic ballads! we do it all for you!" Fans who have just gotten into the band have already commented on the energy RVZ brings to the band as well as the John Bonham (Led Zeppelin,) playing style he adds. Gasparilla also features Peter Scance on Bass & acoustic guitars and vocals, who is best known for his work with the famous Meatloaf. The trio playing together is truly a sight to behold as the boys do a crushing stomp for every Pirate Party